We Are One

The book-CD Somos Um (We Are One) was published in 2008 by Igrapho.

With content that mixes biographical fragments, reminiscences, poetry and music and a light and involving text, full of feeling and emotion, the book reveals a little of life and work of great characters of philosophy, literature and theology, following a path of over two thousand years.

Jorge also promotes a dialogue, from these stories and these people, with his own life.

In its original issue, the book included a CD with songs inspired on these characters.

Capa - Somos Um

Now the work has been re-launched in order to be more accessible to everyone.

The book (in PDF) can be downloaded in full for free here at Somos Um: Somos Um - Jorge Camargo (4689 downloads) .

The CD has also been re-launched and is on sale at Veroshop (http://www.veroshop.com.br).

Album cover by Daniel Brito (Brito Design).

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