In order to celebrate 30 years of carrier in 2011 Mauricio Caruso, Daniel and I produced the album Jorge Camargo Definitivo, which is a re-reading of my main songs, interpreted by musicians and singers in their 30’s and beginning their own work.

The idea of the project was to offer up my well-known songs to new generations, through voices and talent of young people who were newly born when all this happened.

So I called up Tiago Vianna, Ju Bragança, Carol Gualberto, Banda de Boca (Hiran, Arno Júnior, Poliana, Fábio and Neto), Jader Gudin, Aline Pignaton and Diego Venancio, folks who carry the future on the tips of their fingers and in their voices. Other wonderful musicians also helped me out –  Misael Barros, Cezar Elbert, Camerata Marcato (led by Paulo Vieira), Gilson Oliveira, Flávio Régis, Ronaldo (Cordas) Oliveira and Jota Erre.

The repertoire, selected with collaboration of admirers from many places in Brazil brings the old songs, but also the new ones, Farol (Lighthouse), Letra Morta (Dead Letter) and Pastores de Palavras (Shepherds of Words).

Once again, a project (and a dream) comes true thanks to the support, provision and friendship of some special people to whom I express my deepest gratitude.

Maurício Caruso’s studio (Quarto da Bagunça) received tuned instruments and hearts warmed up by emotions and memories. I’m thankful to all who followed up the work and celebrated this achievement with me.


And last but not least, the collection that represents my work is ready. The title of the project means this work is registered in its definite version – it also means I’m not going to record theses songs again. I understand they are a legacy which I pass on to those who are arriving.

If they are not as special to all as they are to me, I know they are to some. However, to everyone indistinctly, I pay tribute for giving to this repertoire what an artist dreams the most – liveness.

I’m aware that theses songs are alive and spread all over the places, and this brings me a huge responsibility and a great joy. From time to time I meet them in my comings and goings. A couple of days ago I listened to a version of Bendize (Bless him) by Charles and Ivan Melo (see it here). That was just beautiful!

Songs sometimes are like children – they are born, they grow and then they live home and get to far away places, to which you’ve never been to. When I go to places like that,  these songs (children) are already there, and so they’ve built up friendships, made room, obtained confidence. And I, the father, receive this all and am welcomed as if I was part of the family!

So, that’s it…

As for the repertoire, I also like it because I know it’s not limited to a specific denominational religious tradition. I hadn’t noticed it, but found it out and felt myself really touched. It seems little and simple, but it isn’t.


It includes

– the remotest Hebrew heritage – the saga of Abraham in the song Farol;

–  the sapiential and literary richness of the Psalms (in Meu Baluarte, and Melhor que a Vida , in Bendize and in Teus Altares;

– the prophetic literature (in Mar do Esquecimento and Letra Morta);

– the message of primitive Christianity (in Ajuntamento, Bondade and Muitos Virão te Louvar);

– the faith of the Reformers (in Respostas);

– the strenghth of revivalist and pietist movements (in Amolece o meu Coração and Adorador);

– the nuances of Methodism (em Viva Chama e em Maravilhoso Amor);

– the contemporary dialogue between spirituality and literature (in Pastores de Palavras).

All of this to the tune of samba-canção, toada, balada mineira, valsa, bolero, ijexá.

One year ago I decided to make a simple CD, only to register some of my favorite songs. It was supposed to be a simple CD. Today, to me it is much more than this. I’ve been, in  C. S. Lewis’ words, surprised by joy!

And finally, I want to say it clearly that the art cover was made by Daniel Brito, who has been doing beautiful things. This one has been one more.


Photos of the project (images by Ana Paula Spolon)