Poetry Walks… is pre-nominated for the 24th Brazilian Popular Music award

by Jorge Camargo on April 6, 2013


April 6th

Over the last ten years I’ve been sowing, trying to focus exclusively on the quality of the music I make in all aspects – from composition to  finalized products  available in the “market”, in search of turning them accessible to all. I’ve valued partnerships and acknowledged friendships, incentives and efforts from people with whom I’ve walked all these years. I’ve encouraged younger people, telling them there’s a (good) way to be followed. Over the last months, I’ve applied to bids in all levels. And I keep on fighting. This is my vocation.

Today, on my birthday, I’ve been given a present that touches me and makes me really celebrate: the Cd I’ve just launched in partnership with Gladir Cabral, produced by Fernando Merlino and with executive production of Ana Paula Spolon has been pre-nominated for the 24th  MPB award, promoted by Ministry of Culture and company Vale do Rio Doce.

In my opinion, to be on this list is making history. And I really don’t care whether I’m going to win it or not. To be pre-nominated is the recognition of a work I did with all my heart, it is to be able to say how much I admire and thank Gladir for building this dream with him. It is to be able to say to Fernando Merlino how much his participation has made a difference in this work. But above all,  it is to be able to look backwards and see that 30 years of music have not been in vain, and express my gratitude to EVERYONE who has walked with me during these decades.

My joy is really great. Let’s move on, always together.

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More information about the award, click here: http://www.premiodemusica.com.br/.

You will get to know the project here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1Q6EHj1zl8.