Poetry Walks…


The CD Poetry Walks, a partnership with Gladir Cabral, started to be produced in February 2012.



Since then there were months of brainstorm, ongoing ideas and dreams until the work was finished.

The result is a project dedicated to cities of the world, 13 songs, 12 of them to real cities and one to an ideal town, called Pasargada. You can see the teaser at


The creative process? Gladir and I worked together on lyrics, melodies and vocals, interpreting our readings and representations of Barcelona, Luanda, London, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Bagda, Havana, New York, Rio, Jerusalem and Pasargada.

It was beautifully arranged by Fernando Merlino (who also played the piano, keyboards, sampler and the guitar), with many references and quotings of international music classics, among them Let it Be and Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, or I’m missing too much by Nei Lopes and Wilson Moreira.

It had also the following special guests: Jamil Joanes (bass), Erivelton Silva (drums), Chico Chagas (accordion), Pirulito e Marcelinho Moreira (percussion), Mauro Diniz (cavaquinho), Carlinhos Sete Cordas (seven-string guitar), Júlio Merlino (sax and flute), José Arimatéa (trumpet and flugelhorn), Gilmar Ferreira (trombone), and a string quartet, with Hugo Pilger (cello), Gabriela Queiroz (first violin), Daniel Albuquerque (second violin) and Ivan Zandonade (viola).

Conceived as a travel diary, the Cd had its artwork signed by Ricardo Zsuecs, who photos of Zsuecs himself, Thiago Allis and Ana Paula Spolon, with watercolors of Pri Sathler, as well as excerpts of literary and musical works.


Listen to the song Pasárgada (Gladir Cabral and Jorge Camargo) clicking on this link.

The CD was recorded in August 2012 in the studio Alcateia Musical (Rio de Janeiro), with the support of Maurício Caruso in the studio Quarto da Bagunça (São Paulo/SP). In April 2013, it was pre-selected to the 24th edition of Prêmio da Música Brasileira (Brazilian Music Award) – http://www.premiodemusica.com.br/pre-selecionados-2013_.

It has been distributed through unities of Livraria Cultura all over Brasil (and also through electronic sale from the website) and at Veroshop. Digital purchase can also be made through OneRPM and at iTunes Store.

The official release was on March 22nd 2013 at Livraria Cultura of Shopping Villa Lobos, in São Paulo (from where we went out on a national tour).

Personally when I look to it all finished, I stand in awe, happy with the marriage between music and poetry, Fernando Merlino’s commitment, Gladir’s friendship and reliance. I feel touched by Rick and Priscilla’s brushstrokes and traces that filled the art cover with color and life. And I thank God for allowing me to live this experience.