Musician, professor, sworn translator, interpreter of conferences, and writer, Jorge has a master´s degree in religious studies at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He also owns Quase a Mesma Coisa (Almost the Same Thing), Quase a Mesma Coisa,  a company of translation and interpretation in several languages.

He has had over thirty years of musical experience, both as songwriter and singer. He has also researched the presence, influence and relevance of the sacred in Brazilian Popular Music as well as the interfaces between arts, culture, philosophy and religion.

His main productions include:

Poetry Walks… stories of trips through cities and dreams (2012) with Gladir Cabral

The CD Poetry Walks … is a partnership with Gladir Cabral – to whom Jorge is extremely grateful. The result shows that music and poetry are a contagious and inseparable duo.

The project is dedicated to cities of the world – as Gladir says, to several cities, different and equal, all of them “with their beauty, challenges and contradictions”. It is about a trip and a bunch of stories. Our impressions and stories about Barcelona, Luanda, London, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Venice, Bagda, Paris, Havana New York, Rio de Janeiro and Jerusalem, besides the imaginary (and ideal) Pasargada.

With exquisite and innovative edition, in all ways, the CD has had musical production of Fernando Merlino and final artwork of Ricardo Zsuecs (with watercolors by Pri Sathler).


Songs of the Way (2012)

A collection of songs (most of them unprecedented) whose main theme is God’s grace. Produced for Caminho da Graça, with musical direction of Fernando Merlino and artwork of Anderson Monteiro, including photos by Lisa Cláudia Monteiro.


Jorge Camargo, Definitive (2012)

Collection of a thirty-year carrier, including old and new songs, selected with audience’s help, the CD Jorge Camargo, Definitive has been produced by Maurício Caruso (Tutti Productions) and has the participation of talented singers and musicians of a new generation such as Carol Gualberto, Diego Venâncio, Ju Bragança, Jader Gudin, Banda de Boca, Aline Pignaton and Tiago Vianna.


All that is beautiful to be lived (2011)

Different from all Jorge has done over 30 years of music. Since The Call (2000), Jorge hadn’t done a CD, pure and simple (Somos Um was a thematic one, accompanied by the book). In this new album he goes on a trip through his soul, visits his loves and fears, faces his search and his encounters and mismatches.  Produced by Jorge and Maurício Caruso and with very special guests, this work is, by far, the most authorial Jorge has ever produced.


We are one (2008)

Capa - Somos Um

With content that mixes biographical fragments, reminiscences, poetry and music and a light and involving text, full of feeling and emotion, the book reveals a little of life and work of great characters of philosophy, literature and theology, following a path of over two thousand years. Jorge also promotes a dialogue, from these stories and these people, with his own life.


Surprising Grace (2002)

A collection of songs that include the word “grace” or describe its concept. An independent production coordinated by Jorge.


20 years on the road (2001)

Capa - Jorge 20 Anos

A collection conceived and produced in partnership with VPC, it highlights the participation of Jorge as singer on several works produced by the group.

This work includes songs from Missions and Worship, The Music of Sérgio Pimenta, They were Twelve, Free Wind, Seasons of Love, Songs of Love, Praise of Roots, Songs.


The Call (2000)

Capa - O Chamado

Arranged by Nelson Bomilcar and Maurício Caruso, it was conceived with the purpose of contributing to Angola Project 2001.

Recorded in 2000, it had as its mark solidarity – all its participants donated their fees: Cláudio Rocha, Davi Lisboa Neto, Gilson Oliveira, Iraci Oliveira, Silas Oliveira, Eloir de Paula, Adriana Oliveira, Fábio Guazzi, Rogério Boccato, Marcos Mônaco and Rubens Feliciano.


Intimacy (1999)

Capa - Intimidade

The production has been signed by Jorge, Nelson Bomilcar and Marquito Cavalcante. Certainly it has been Jorge’s most intense work musically speaking. It also focus on its acoustic trend.

Marinho Andreotti, Russel May, Rogério Boccato, Davi Lisboa Neto, Marcos Mônaco, Letícia Cavalcante and Dick Duncan also took part in it.


Presence (1996)

Capa - Presença

Produced by César Elbert, Presence was recorded in 1996 and represents a especial moment of work, reflected on the repertoire as well as on the style of the album.

Celebrating Jorge’s tenth year of carrier, the album has been re-launched with new artwork for the cover – in partnership with VPC productions.

Psalms and Like Early Morning (1987 and 1991)

 Salmos e Feito o Amanhecer

This solo work registers Jorge’s first songs, written when he was a teenager, all of them inspired by the book of Psalms. Produced in 1987 by Nelson Bomilcar and Jorge, the album was arranged by Gerson Ortega e Nelson Bomilcar and had the participation of Maurício Domene, Marcos Mônaco, Rogério Enachev and Maurício Caruso.

Like Early Morning (1991) was produced by Maurício Domene, David Lisboa Neto and Jorge. This work includes partnerships of Jorge with Guilherme Kerr and some songs he had written during the time he lived in London.

Sérgio Coffoni, Carlos Valença, Mário Andreotti, Mário Macedo, Marcos Mônaco, Esdras Gallo, Rogério Enachev, Carlos Sider, Ester Tsunashima and Sonia Polonca also took part in it.